On March 8, 2019, David Boyd Janes launched his newest single “Whisky Won’t”, from his upcoming album.

The single drops just before David’s 7 stop tour which includes; Toronto, Mississauga, and 4 shows in Nashville. David’s no stranger to Nashville. His first album was recorded in the famous city of music.

David Boyd Janes - Whiskey Won't
David Boyd Janes and Jimmy Thow of Sons and Daughters

David’s looking forward to returning to Music City where he will be working with another talented musician – Jimmy Thow from “Sons and Daughters”. “There’s so many talented musicians over there,” says David, ” I’m humbled and inspired all at once.”

Songs from David’s first album “Thoughts Become Things” are still on the charts and climbing. “I Ain’t Sticking Around”, “Letting You Go”, and David’s recent Kane Brown cover of “Good As You” have quickly become fan favourites.

The story behind “Whisky Won’t” holds a personal connection for David, “the song is actually about NOT picking up that drink. When times get tough, we’re tempted to hit the bottle but in the end, it doesn’t solve the problems it only masks them for the moment. Once you sober up, the problems are still there.”

Whisky Won’t” is now available on all digital/streaming platforms.

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