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Two years ago, if you would have asked David Boyd Janes where he thought he would be today, he definitely wouldn’t have guessed he would be opening for Canadian Music Legend Jim Cuddy. David sat down to talk to us about his upcoming concert and what his fans have to look forward to over the next few months.

Tell us about the first time you realized that music was your passion? Where were you, what were you doing, how did you feel?

DBJ: It was at a talent show at John English Middle School. I performed a rap “Ice Ice Baby” and the place erupted. I just loved that feeling of entertaining a room and it just took off from there. I knew I wanted to do it again and then it just became something I never wanted to stop doing.

David Boyd Janes
Photo courtesy of Farrell Asleep

What made you decide to get into the music industry as a full time career?

DBJ: I don’t feel I decided, it just happened and felt right. I truly feel like this is where I belong. Music makes me happy and being able to share my art with people around the world is just such a blessing.

How have you evolved as a musician since your “Ice Ice Baby” days?

DBJ: I feel like I’m continually growing and finding myself as an artist and musician. Having the opportunity to write and co-wright on my work really answers this question best as you can hear the evolution taking place in my songs. The stories change and mature as time goes on.   

Who are your biggest inspirations in the music industry?

DBJ: Ray Charles, George Jones, Garth Brooks, Frank Sinatra, Paul Brandt, Jim Cuddy, Brett Kissel and Eric Ethridge.

Do you have a collaboration wish list?

DBJ: I would absolutely LOVE to cut a song with Meghan Patrick, Terri Clark, Kira Isabella and I think the ultimate would be with Shania Twain.

To be opening for Jim Cuddy is pretty incredible. What was your initial reaction when you got the news?

DBJ: I was lost for words, still am to be honest. Less than 2 years ago I was at a concert to see City In Color and Blue Rodeo was opening. At that time I didn’t even have a band. If you told me in two years I’d be where I am now and only weeks away from opening for that same Canadian Icon, I’d tell you you’re crazy.

What are you looking forward to the most about this show?

DBJ: This past summer I played a show at “Rock The Coliseum” in Mississauga ON. The small theater style venue is located on the grounds of Celebration Square and I recall walking past the massive stage that I will now be performing on and thinking “I can’t wait on day to step foot on something like that”. Now only 6 months later, I’m about to walk out on the EXACT same stage. Just unreal. I just can’t wait to hear my name introduced and take the first few steps out on that huge stage. It’s all happening and coming together … “Thoughts Become Things”.

What’s next for David Boyd Janes for the 2019 year?

DBJ: Tons of brand new songs! I just got back from Nashville in October working with some amazing songwriters such as Jimmy Thow, Jason Matthews and Josh Wolfe, to name a few, to be released in the spring of 2019. The band and I will be working hard over the winter to bring a fun exciting concert line up in the summer!

David Boyd Janes
Pictured: Josh Wolfe (left) with David Boyd Janes (right)

Speaking of Nashville, what was it like there?

DBJ: Music is life in Nashville. There’s a vibe and a feeling that you just can’t explain until you touchdown and walk off the plane. Studio B, The Grand Ole Opry, Ryman theatre, Broadway, it’s all just so magical. The talent down there is unreal! You leave just feeling like you need to lock yourself in your room and practice, practice, practice.

David Boyd Janes

What would you say to anyone out there who wants to follow a career in music?

DBJ: PLEASE DO IT! Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t. It will be a rough road but a road worth travelling down.  Take me as an example, I have a long way to go but I wouldn’t be where I am no if I didn’t try and start with the first step. Sing from the heart, play from the soul and you’ll find your way. Don’t do it for money or fame. Do it because you feel like it’s the missing piece in your life to complete the perfect puzzle of your existence. Without music, Im nothing more then a lost boy. I once felt that way, not anymore.

You can catch David Boyd Janes LIVE December 23, 2018 as he takes the Celebration Square Stage in Mississauga,ON at 12pm and 3pm. The free concert with headliner Jim Cuddy is all a part of Rogers Hometown Hockey. Experience a weekend filled with FREE hockey-related activities for the entire family. There will be NHL Alumni appearances and if you stick around, you can catch the Toronto Maple Leafs as they take on the Detroit Red Wings. For more information you can visit their website here.

Follow David Boyd Janes on Facebook and Instagram. You can download his music for free here or visit his website www.davidboydjanes.com.

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