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Why Choose A Professional Photographer?

Remember when we said first impressions count? 


In the Digital World we live in, it’s now more important than ever to:


  • Be found on the first page of Google

  • Build sustainable Email Campaigns

  • Use your LinkedIn Profile to your advantage

  • Forge ongoing relationships through effective Facebook Marketing

Photography plays an important role in all of the things just mentioned.



If you want your customers to INVEST in YOU … YOU need to INVEST in THEM. That means paying attention to the details and how you present yourself to your customers.


A professional headshot with a professional photographer means that you’re investing in yourself and in what you represent.


The job of the photographer is to convey you and what you represent in your photos.




Background Selection


Backgrounds set the tone for your Headshots.


You can choose to have a solid backdrop color, or a background with texture like a brick wall or wooden planks. 


Some backgrounds work better than others depending on the Social Media Platform you use to reach your customers.


Upgrading to a Headshot Package that includes multple background options adds more value because it allows for variety and versatility with the final product.






Studio Vs. Natural Light 


When it comes to studio vs. natural lighting options - it's best to have both.


Each application provides a different end result. 


We highly recommend that you have both lighting applications so you have more variety when it comes to using them for your Marketing Materials.




Posing is another important consideration when it comes to your Professional Headshots. 


Some people want a close crop that features just their head and shoulders, others like the full body or 3/4 body shots.


Standing or sitting makes a difference as well along with your arm positioning.


They say body language speaks volumes when it comes to that first impression.


Your Photographer should be able to guide you to give you the most flattering results.



Facial Expressions


Should you smile? If so how much of a smile should you show? Should you be serious? Should you be laughing? How about daydreaming?


The answer depends on two factors:


- the profession you're in


- how you want to be received 


Think about who you are and how your clients see you. It's important that you select a Photographer who brings out your best qualities capturing your personality to a T.






Much like Facial Expressions - your wardrobe depends on your personality and how you want your clients to see you as well.


For creative professions, there's more flexibility in what you wear. For Business Executives - formal business attire may be the only option. 


With that said however, it's recommended to bring 2-3 wardrobe changes so you have more flexibility and variety in your Headshot Selection. 



  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Do you have both studio and mobile session offerings?
  3. How many photos will you take during my session?
  4. How many images will I receive?
  5. In what format will I receive my images?
  6. Do you offer both studio lighting and natural lighting options?
  7. How many wardrobe changes are included?
  8. Do you provide hair and make up options? What's the cost?
  9. Do you offer retouching? What's the cost?
  10. If I'm unhappy with my shoot, do you offer reshoots?

Keep these questions in mind when you are speaking with your potential headshot photographer. It's always best to speak with 2-3 Photographers so you can feel out which one is the right fit for you. 





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